About us

Gregor Schlierenzauer

Founder and associate ImpulseLiving.


High performance sport has been the center of my life for 15years.

Being an Olympic Champion and a World Champion, winning 4-Hills, the overall Worldcup as well as individual Worldcups I can humbly and gratefully look back at those times.

Early in my career I realized that beside of being talented, disciplined and passionate I would need to evolve as a human too. Therefore I have always worked on my personality with the help and support of an `impulse consultant´.

Beside the success in sports, that was setting the path for myself as Gregor after my career as an athlete.

I experienced how important it is to have an environment – in living, life or relationships – where I am comfortable to the fullest.

Beside sports I completed education in real estate, design, mental and personality coaching.

Working with ImpulseLiving I get to use those potentials and skills.

For that I´m thankful and full of joy.


Gerhard Rieger

Founder and shareholder ImpulseLiving.


Since the days of my childhood I enjoyed listening to stories and identifying connections in life.

After many years in a pharmaceutics company working in personnel management, marketing and product development in alternative medicine, my courage was challenged to follow new paths.

That was the initiation to learn, study and experience a lot.

Besides founding a center for alternative medicine together with a medical doctor, another consequence was realizing my own project for Emotions- and Success Coaching Inc.

I followed my passion to make people as well as companies realize their potential, open up dynamics for success to focus and maximize them.

Working with ImpulseLiving I get to use this profound knowledge.

That truly fills my heart with joy.